The official opening of the republican headquarters of the candidate Zhiguli Dayrabayev was held

1423 Telegram

Today in Astana, the official opening of the republican headquarters of Zhiguli Dayrabayev, a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the People's Democratic Patriotic Party "Aul", took place.

Toleutay Rakhimbekov, the head of the republican headquarters of the candidate, made a congratulatory speech while opening the work o

"We plan to cover all the settlements of Kazakhstan, namely, 88 cities, 30 villages, more than 6,000 rural settlements located in all 20 regions with propaganda work. Our candidate and proxies visits are door-to-door. All events are held on time. We hope that the program and proposals of the candidate from the "Aul" party, Zhiguli Dayrabayev, will find their supporters," noted Toleutay Rakhimbekov.

According to him, there are candidate support headquarters in all 20 regions of the country, including three cities of republican significance. Also, 222 headquarters were organized in all 164 districts and 37 regional-level cities. All public headquarters are fully equipped with the necessary materials for propaganda work.

In his speech, the candidate for the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhiguli Dayrabayev thanked the party members for their trust and introduced the participants of the event with his election program.

He introduced the candidate and talked about the plans for the election campaign.