Togizkumalak - intelligence and tradition are again in the game

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A tournament on the national Kazakh game "Togyzkumalak" was held in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of the country. 94 athletes took part in it. The NIS team from Taldykorgan took the first place in the overall team competition.

The team of NIS Taldykorgan presented students of grades 4-12. The youngest participant is Ainel Kairat, a 4th grade pupil.

Last year, according to the results of the network tournament, Ainel became the owner of 2 places. This year, she confirmed her result, taking 2nd place.

For a student of the 6th grade Abylaikhan Tynyshtikbay togizkumalak serious sport. After all, he is engaged in intellectual games not only at school, but also attends a club. Abylaikhan won his first victory at the online tournament in 2019. This year, Abylaikhan again became the winner, taking 1st place.

Thanks to my school coaching, I have good results not only in sports, but also in mathematics. In three years, he was able to participate even in city and regional competitions. With each victory, I feel more confident and stronger, - 6th grade student Abylaikhan Tynyshtikbay said in his interview.