A forest in Kostanay region may be set on fire intentionally

Adyrna.kz Telegram

The Minister of Emergencies did not deny this. But it is possible that the fire was accidentally caused by a human factor,"Adirna" reporter  reports with reference to "Khabar 24".

According to Yuri Ilyin, there are several assumptions about the fire. It's clear that it was not just a thunderstorm. Now the situation in the region is difficult, but it is stabilizing. There is no threat to settlements. As a precaution, residents were moved to a safe place. The open fire on the hillsides was also extinguished. Now efforts are being made to fight the fire in the lower part of the forest.

1400 people and 190 machines were involved in this. 7 helicopters are providing air support.

It should be noted that the forest area covers 107,000 hectares. 43 thousand of them were destroyed by fire.