Kazakhstanis demanded protection of children from violence and published a petition

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Фото: видеодан алынды
Фото: видеодан алынды

Kazakhstanis have published a petition demanding protection of children from violence, pedophilia, harassment and abuse and other forms of aggression. This petition was compiled by volunteers of the #NeMolchiKZ Movement after the appeal of mothers of Kazakhstan, on the basis of applications received by the NeMolchiKZ fund from parents and relatives of children who were abused  in the last 6 years, the national portal "Adirna" reports.

"Based on experience working with law enforcement, courts, abused children and their loved ones! We invite our President, the Government of Kazakhstan, the Parliament to pay close attention to the demands of Kazakhstani mothers before the start of the new school year in the Children's Year!

Our children need safety, we must be absolutely sure that they cannot escape punishment, protection from the state for children must be effective and timely!", the petition notes.