This year, 35 dormitories for 10,000 students will be commissioned

1850 Telegram

In 2022, 35 student dormitories for 10,000 places will be commissioned. This was stated during the meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Togzhanov, the national portal "Adirna" wrote.

It is planned that the new academic year will be held in a traditional format. Due to this, there may be a shortage of student accommodation. This problem is especially relevant in megacities where many large higher education institutions are concentrated.
"The Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in cooperation with the heads of the regions and mayors of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent cities, should develop and approve a plan for allocating places in student dormitories by August 10. Also, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, sanitary-epidemiological requirements for educational facilities it is necessary to introduce changes," Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Togzhanov noted.
In this regard, the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Sayasat Nurbek, instructed the Rectors of Higher Education Institutions to conduct an inspection of all dormitories and develop proposals for increasing the number of beds. This measure will determine the current situation and allow students to make adjustments to their temporary housing plans. The minister also noted the need to widely use the practice of creating a memorandum of understanding between dormitories and hotels (hostels) located near universities.

The meeting also discussed issues of eliminating red tape in dormitory construction projects within the framework of public-private partnership.