Stabbed in 11 places: doctors told the condition of the injured women

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The Public Health Department of Almaty City spoke about the condition of women who were attacked with knives, reported.

The injured were taken to City Clinical Hospital No. 7 with stab wounds.

"Patient S., 23 years old, with multiple deep stab wounds of the chest and abdomen. The patient was urgently admitted to the intensive care unit. The condition is stable, serious. Patient H., 52 years old, was admitted to the hospital. Surgery department. The severity is moderate, there is no deterioration of dynamics "He is receiving the necessary inpatient treatment," said the city health department.

Recall that the video of the attack was circulated on social networks. One of the witnesses reported that he stabbed his neighbor's wife 11 times. Because the woman did not want to show him the child.

Later, the National Guard reported that the perpetrator was apprehended by a soldier who heard the screams of the victims.