"Not even 30 houses were built in 30 years!": Residents of Zhezkazgan city live in dire conditions

Фото:  видеодан алынды
Фото: видеодан алынды

There are many dilapidated houses in the center of Zhezkazgan. The problem of the road is not a problem. It's normal to have big holes in the streets of the center. A documentary film was made by the YouTube channel "Suraui Bar" about this, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.
Based on the information in the film, people are still dissatisfied with the division of Zhezkazgan region in 1997.

"They strangled our people. The meeting on the dissolution of Zhezkazgan was a very fruitful meeting. Our elders raised their hands and supported us. I still remember that meeting. It didn't even last half an hour. The whole region was used and sent. Not one person objected. We even had elders who spoke in support. I was not in that meeting. But the people did not object internally. Later, there were those who complained on the outside," says Bazarbai Aleukhanuly, a respected journalist of Kazakhstan.

According to the journalist, after the dissolution of Zhezkazgan, there was no development in the city.

"Zhezkazgan is a city involved in the Monocities program by the government. Nothing was done there either. The same rock, the same rock. They are still not drinking clean water, they are not drinking the right water. Disaster is terrible. Production facilities of KazakhCopper that destroy the environment. A lot of money is not allocated for this. He gets away only with a fine. And the fine is a minor thing for the corporation," he says.

And residents of Zhezkazgan city are tired of dilapidated houses and unemployment.

"30 houses were not built for 30 years. During the Soviet Union, only small districts were raised. I have not heard that the corporation built one house in 30 years. Only from the city administration began to appear in recent years. The country needs to create jobs. Should only miners and metallurgists work? There must be another job. We need work. How many young people are unemployed?!", he lamented.

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