In June, there will be a drought in several areas - weather forecasters


Kazhydromet has announced a drought forecast for June 2022, Adyrna correspondent reports.

"In June, the probability of drought in most parts of the country is low, mainly the humidity is expected to be close to normal.

Drought is expected in Moinkum district of Zhambyl region, and severe drought in Karmakshy district of Kyzylorda region and Karakiya district of Mangistau region.

It is expected to be moderately humid in Ryskulov district of Zhambyl region, Oil district of Aktobe region and Sairam district of Turkestan region, ”the specialists explained.

It should be noted that the intensity and impact of the drought varies in different regions of Kazakhstan. Kyzylorda and Mangistau oblasts belong to agro-climatic zone VIII according to agro-climatic zoning and are characterized as very dry, hot zone exposed to drought.

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