The tax inspector worked so hard that he did not notice that he had taken a bribe


Kazygurt district court has sentenced Sadyk Rakhimov, a former employee of the State Revenue Department, born in 1981, for bribery. A tax officer was caught red-handed in his office in February 2021, the Adyrna website reports.

According to the victim, he collected all the necessary documents and repeatedly went to the inspector to get the final permit. However, the official ignored him and was always busy with other things. Only once in the hallway, he hinted at an unemployed guy: he said that the package of documents was not enough for seven thousand envelopes.

The unemployed man understood everything and the next day gave him the said amount in an envelope with banknotes processed by the staff of the Anti-Corruption Agency.

In court, the tax officer pleaded guilty to defamation and provocation.

However, the court found the bribe justified and fined him 25 times 175,000 tenge. In addition, the ex-official will be deprived of the right to hold certain positions in government agencies for life.

The verdict has not yet entered into force.

National portal "Adyrna"

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