In Shymkent, the monitoring group studied price stability


In Shymkent, control over the prices of socially important food products has been strengthened. Today, the monitoring group studied food prices in a number of major shopping centers.

According to Kairat Bazarbekov, the head of the food security department of the city Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, socially important food products are sold at fixed prices in the largest retail chains "Gramad" and "Magnum". Goods sold in large retail outlets under the contract must not exceed the approved price range.
- Today there is no shortage of food products. We have a number of food products. In accordance with the current legislation, subparagraph 4 of Article 204 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for administrative action in case of excess of the trade margin of more than 15%. Based on this article, precautionary measures are taken first. Last year, 2 trade entities were warned. Complaints about the quality of goods in one of the social stores this year. If you see that food prices exceed the limit, call 24-75-41, - said the head of the department.

GRA-MAD, a monitoring group visited by the city's price stability monitoring group, sells first-grade wheat flour, which is included in the list of socially important foods, for 170 tenge per kilo, bread for 80 tenge and pasta for 193 tenge. You can also buy cabbage for 119 tenge, carrots for 148 tenge, potatoes (138 tenge) and onions for 75 tenge.

"Appearance of Shymkent" - Azamat ZHADIGERULY,
Photo by Serik KOSAEV

Translated by:NP"Adyrna"

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