ASKHAT KASENGALY: Almaty's executive committee should be relocated to another district, the current aura is very heavy


Now, the Almaty's is closed. It looks like repairs are underway. If I'm not mistaken, the damage to the mayor's office is about 21 billions tenge. I don't remember exactly. Now it is said that the construction work will be intensified, the burns will be removed and replaced.
But when I look at it (it's my pure opinion), it seems that there is no need to rebuild the there. First of all, both in 1986 and in 2022, there is a field where the blood of some young people was shed. The aura is very heavy. It used to be gray when he entered the mayor's office, but now it seems to have a heavy aura.
Secondly, if the is located in another district, for example, on the outskirts of Alatau district, in a place called "Shanyrak" or on the outskirts of Nauryzbay district. These are the largest centers of youth and urbanization from rural to urban areas. Either the city doesn't know it (although it knows it, it doesn't see it with its own eyes), or the district akimats don't tell it. If there is a city's in one of those districts, there will be some changes. Problems will gradually be resolved only when there are young people who work temporarily in the market, work as security guards, tow carts, lose hope for a better life, rent a homeless apartment, and they are unemployed. Sitting in the heart of the city, in a slow-growing area, than in a building in an elite area, it is more popular (perhaps I'm wrong) to say "we will solve the problems of the people." The question is whether roads, drinking water, lighting and other issues will be resolved.

For example, in Europe (in general developed countries), one important building is built in a backward district-village-city. It can be a university (as in SDK in Kaskelen), or, or something else. That building will become the development driver for that area. Gradually, civilization, culture, material goods begin to come. In fact, it is possible to build a new building for 21 billions ...

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