New findings of Turkologist Babash Abilkasymuly


Babash Abilkasymuly is a unique scientist who has been working at the Institute of Linguistics named after Ahmet Baitursynov for half a century and has devoted his entire life to the study of new topics of Kazakh language education. The name of the scientist is known as a person who has studied the history of the Kazakh press and the history of the Kazakh literary language. In addition, his research is devoted to the field of Turkic studies. The main feature of the scientist is that he's studied written monuments of the XVII century, XVIII-XIX centuries. In the analysis of the language of written samples, he searches for manuscripts and versions preserved in Arabic graphics in libraries and museums of Moscow, Kazan, Tashkent, Orenburg. He reads from the original.He's proved how close it is to the Kazakh language. Undoubtedly, all the manuscripts and versions of the scholar's collection of Kazakh writings will be valuable research material for later researchers and students. Among the materials collected by the scientist ,the written monument in the XVII century of Abelgazy Bahadur Khan "Shajara-i Turk" (Turkic genealogy) has a special place in the study of the history of the Kazakh language.

Thus, we know Professor Babash Abylkasymuly as a teacher who  has researched the language of the "Turkic Chronicle" in a new way, showing an example of the  language of written monuments study .

This year our great teacher is 90 years old. By congratulating our teacher on his birthday, we wish him good health and prosperity to his family!

Seitbekova Ainur Atashbekovkizi,

Head of department of History of language,

 Linguistics Institute named after A. Baitursynov

Candidate of Philological Sciences

English version is edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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