5 psychological books that will change your life


The world's most popular book magazine Blinkist has published a rating of books on psychology and personality formation. According to the publication, these books can change anyone's life.

1.Amy Morin's 13 Things to Avoid Strong People.

The power of the mind can be determined by observing what people who are strong in spirit and who have achieved great things try not to do. Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and professional clinical social worker, researched the issue and made a list of things that strong people should avoid. An American woman who has experienced various tragedies in her life has written a book in which she shares her experience and gives practical advice to those who are ready to work independently for those who want to find harmony.

2. Dale Carnegie's book "How to Stop Anxiety and Start Living."

Today, there are many books on how to deal with anxiety. Someone writes empty words that contain suggestions to get rid of anxiety. And such books are usually written only for absolute hobby and financial gain. There are also truly valuable works from the sleepless nights and countless hard work of the best people who can be considered truly intent, because they show a genuine desire to help people and rebuild their lives. One of these people is the world-famous American psychologist, educator and writer Dale Carnegie, who founded the theory of communication.

3. Clayton Christensen's "Strategy of Life".

Why can't people who have lost their jobs and pursued a career find happiness? Why don't our relatives understand us? Why do the goals we pursue often lead to frustration? The solution to these and many other issues and other issues was raised by Manager Clayton Christensen after several meetings of Harvard Business School alumni. He knew that behind the external traps of success, most of his colleagues were very unhappy. But why haven't these smart people, who create the strategy of big corporations, mastered the strategy of their lives? Instead of ready-made advice, Christensen encourages us to apply theories of very easy management in our lives.

4. Ken Robinson's book "Propensity".

Everyone suffers. All souls are beaten by fate, except those whose dreams meet their destiny. All those who have found their profession, those who have found their place in life, have been able to specify the path according to their life orientation. The education system does not contribute to this: at best, it does not help to develop natural adaptability, and at worst, it destroys talent. Sir Ken Robinson talks about how to find a life orientation and how to help others.

5. Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence."

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist and renowned expert in the field of emotional intelligence, believes that our emotions play a much bigger role in success in the family and at work. But what is emotional intelligence? Can you measure it? What is the difference between "ordinary" intelligence and "emotional" and why do the owners of the former often allow the owners of the latter to succeed?

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