185 anniversary of the great Shokan
185 years ago, on November 3, 1835, the first Kazakh scientist, educator, historian, ethnographer, traveler and diplomat Shokan (Mukhamedkhanafiya) Chingizovich Valikhanov was born. He was born in the family of Chenghis, the grandson of Abylaikhan, at the Kushmurun station in the present-day Auliekol district of Kostanay region. The national portal "Adyrna" presents a short biography of the great scientist on his birthday. Shokan is one of the de..
144 anniversary of Alash intellectual Zhakyp Akbayev
Zhakyp Akbayev is an Alash intellectual, fighter, activist, member of the Alashorda government, lawyer. Master of Law, was born on October 25, 1876 in Tonirektas, Karkaralinsk district, Semipalatinsk region, in a rich family. In 1886 he studied at the Kazakh boarding school in Karkaralinsk, in 1889 he entered the Omsk grammar school, where he studied for 7 years, then transferred to the Tomsk grammar school, where he studied for a year, graduatin..
Kazakh traditions
The main tradition of Kazakhs, which eventually transformed into a feature of national character, is hospitality. In the Kazakh society, there is an unofficial law voiced in ancient times, which says “Meet a guest as the God's messenger”. Hospitality is considered a sacred duty in the Kazakh society. At all times, the steppe inhabitants did their best to please their guest. Therefore, each traveller knew that he or she would be welcomed anywhere..
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