Mulan is a descendant of nomads, not Chinese

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Obviously, we have seen and heard about a heroine named Mulan in Chinese cartoons or movies. However, this heroine, known around the world as "Chinese", is a descendant of a nomadic country. Daniyar Baidaraly, a writer, artist, architect and historical reconstructionist, who recently published a book about this heroine, told us about it.

According to him, the whole world considers Mulan "Chinese". And it has nothing to do with the Chinese. In general, Mulan lived in a state called Toba-Wei. This state was founded by the khans of nomadic Tabgash peoples in present-day northern China. Mulan came from that people. According to the Canadian-Chinese scholar Sanping Cheng, the people of Mulan were Turkic-speaking. His family name may have been moose. Others consider Tabgash to be Mongolian-speaking.

- In any case, scientists know that Mulan came from a nomadic people. And people still think of Mulan as "Chinese". I wrote the English version of my work about Mulan last year. And this summer I published the Kazakh version. This work was supported by my family, friends and colleagues. In other words, this project is a real enthusiastic civic initiative, - said D. Baidaraly.

It should be noted that Daniyar Baidaraly had previously written a book on the art of archery. And his YouTube channel has a lot of information about traditional archery and five-armed martial arts, historical reconstructions and the culture of nomadic peoples. Subscribe to the channel and get acquainted with historical data.



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