Eco-Almaty action
  Today, within the framework of the State programs "City without suburbs" and "Zhasyl kala", the State Fund for the Development of Youth Policy of the city of Almaty with the support of the Department of Social Development of the city of Almaty, together with the Department of Ecology and the executive commitee of the Alatau District, held the Action "Eco-Almaty". On the territory of the SC "Almaty Arena" by the forces of the Youth Resource..
Awards with medals won't attract anyone
 "No grants for projects, scholarships and awards with medals will attract anyone to the scientific environment" - administrator of the ADAL BILIM project office Sergey Pen.          “Without a direct scheme for personalized financing of scientists' salaries, no project grants, scholarships and awards with medals will attract anyone to the scientific community and the academy,” Sergei Pen noted in his Facebook post. This proposal was previously a..
There are benches worth for 1 million tenge in the park
There have been built the benches worth 1 million tenge in the park An interactive "speaking" bench worth 1 million tenge has been installed in the Park of the First President in Almaty. Deputy governor of Bostandyk district Serik Adilbayev informed during the online briefing today, the national portal "Adyrna" reports. In 2019, according to the project "Participation Budget", residents of Bostandyk district submitted 47 proposals in the amount o..
People's debts were illegally collected
The Prosecutor General's Office inspected the activities of private bailiffs and collectors. Kairat Raisov, Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor General, told about the results, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to The inspections were based on complaints from private bailiffs and collectors. People wrote about the immoral actions of the collectors, their intimidation and the fact that such threats are actually being carri..
1,208 medical workers received one-time social aids in the country .
1,208 health workers involved in the fight against COVID-19 in the country (sick ) received a one-time social payment from the Social Insurance Fund (SSIF). The cost of a one-time payment is 2 millions tenge. In addition, the Social Insurance Fund transferred payments to the relatives of 10 medical workers who died as a result of the disease. Adyrna correspondent reports with reference to the Ministry of Labor. The lump-sum payment is determined ..
An umbilicus
It is a sacred concept for the Kazakh people. We compare our homeland to the place of "umbilical cord blood". We call our "umbilical cord mother" who cuts the umbilicus cord. We also have rituals related to the umbilicus cord. Have you ever  thought it’s effect? Almost all of us grew up hearing the prohibitions "Do not step on the threshold", "Do not spit on the fire." And why did these remarks appear? Our ancestors used to bury a boy's umbilical..
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