An umbilicus
It is a sacred concept for the Kazakh people. We compare our homeland to the place of "umbilical cord blood". We call our "umbilical cord mother" who cuts the umbilicus cord. We also have rituals related to the umbilicus cord. Have you ever  thought it’s effect? Almost all of us grew up hearing the prohibitions "Do not step on the threshold", "Do not spit on the fire." And why did these remarks appear? Our ancestors used to bury a boy's umbilical..
China-Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline Transports 10.88 Mln Tonnes In 2019
The China-Kazakhstan oil pipeline has delivered more than 10.88 million tonnes of crude oil to China in 2019, said the PetroChina West Pipeline Company on Thursday URUMQI, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th Jan, 2020 ) :The China-Kazakhstan oil pipeline has delivered more than 10.88 million tonnes of crude oil to China in 2019, said the PetroChina West Pipeline Company on Thursday. With a total length of 2,800 kil..
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