"All I can do is get an education." The dream of an Afghan girl in Almaty

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Shamisa Rasuli, who studied in Kazakhstan, shared her thoughts on the current situation and future of her country. Shee said that if she could, she would try to change the situation in her country . She shared her dreams.

"The sky of a country without girls is dark forever." This was said by the well-known Afghan writer Khaled Hosseini. His three books depicting the Afghan tragedy are known to the world. The life of Afghanistan during their labors, their life, and the suffering and sadness of Afghan women during the time of the Taliban did not stop worrying the world public. After the Taliban left power in 2001, the sun appeared in the dark sky of Afghan women. However, exactly 20 years later, that dark cloud returned. In Afghanistan, women were not involved in public life and were banned from getting an education. Three years after he came to power, he continued to restrict the rights of Afghan girls every year. The national portal "Adyrna" learned about this from Shamisa Rasuli, an Afghan girl studying in Kazakhstan.