Even if the minister himself goes. It has not yet been determined what poisoned the children in the Karaganda region

Adyrna.kz Telegram

Children were poisoned in Karaganda region. One of them died, and six are in the intensive care unit. It is not known what poisoned the children. During the first inspection, it was reported that the teenagers did not get food poisoning at the special social service center for children in the Karaganda region, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

Vice Minister of Health Aizhan Esmagambetova said that it was not determined what caused the poisoning of the children in the center.

"Yesterday we received information that 12 children were admitted to the hospital from the medical and social institution for children in Karaganda. These 12 children are currently being diagnosed with poisoning from an unknown substance, meaning the exact cause of the poisoning is unknown. It takes time to figure it out," A. said. Esmagambetova answering reporters' questions in the Government.

According to him, one of the 12 children died. Six children are in the intensive care unit, five children are in moderate condition.

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