Ex-mayor of Almaty region Bolat Nazarbayev was told that he sold land illegally

Adyrna.kz Telegram

The prosecutor of the Karasai district of the Almaty region sued Bolat Nazarbayev, the office of the ex.com. of the Karasai district and several other state institutions, reported the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to the Ulysmedia.kz website.

According to the publication, the prosecutor filed a lawsuit to invalidate some purchase and sale agreements between Nazarbayev and other defendants. The trial began in January of this year. The court issued a verdict in April.
Court documents are publicly available. It can be seen from them that the former mayor of Karasai district, Bolatbek Kutpanov, signed several illegal purchase and sale contracts with Bolat Nazarbayev.

So, on September 6, 2004, the official sold 22.0 hectares of land to the ex-president's brother. Address: Almaty region, Karasai district, north of the city of Kaskeleng.

On August 8, 2005, Nazarbayev again bought 71,500 hectares of land from the then mayor. Address: Almaty region, Karasai district, north of the city of Kaskeleng.

State authorities gave Bolat Nazarbayev several more plots of land.

In the spring of 2004, he leased 24,100 hectares of land in the north of Kaskeleng, as well as 26,300 hectares of land along the Almaty-Bishkek highway, from the Karasai District Land Relations Department.

In 2015, Nazarbayev bought another 24,100 hectares of land north of Kaskelen and 26,300 hectares along the Almaty-Bishkek highway from the district land relations department.

In 2019, "Department of Land Relations of Karasai District" sold 28,000 hectares of land along the Kaskeleng, Almaty-Bishkek highway to MM Bolat Nazarbayev.

All of the above transactions were declared invalid by the court.

"State duty of 12,075 tenge should be collected from Nazarbayev Bolat Abishul to the state income," the document says.

Recall that on April 20, it became known that the alcohol market in "old" Kazakhstan is in the hands of Bolat Nazarbayev, the younger brother of ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayev. And on April 17, the court deprived Bolat Nazarbayev of "Barys" bazaar.