World air fares will increase by 16%


Air tickets in the European Union and even around the world can become more expensive by at least 16%, according to the national portal Adyrna, citing Tourprom.

This was reported by airline experts. This may be due to the European Commission's proposal to reduce emissions.

We are talking about a package of measures of the European Commission called Fit for. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent over 1990 levels over the next eight years. The proposal was tested by the ACI Europe Airports Association, which said all proposed measures had been announced for flights "without a comprehensive assessment of their impact".

"EU proposals will lead to a significant increase in tariffs," air experts warn.

As a result, tourists will face a new blow, as the price of air tickets will rise. The EU's emission reduction scheme could lead to an average 16% increase in flight costs by 2030, they said.

In addition, popular destinations such as Spain, Greece and Italy are among the most affected. Demand for tourist services is expected to fall by 11%, according to researchers. Interregional transportation also suffers. In general, according to ACI Europe Director General Olivier Jankovets, the European Commission's proposal risks "negative and unintended consequences."


National portal "Adyrna"

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