Murat Aitenov met with residents of Otrar microdistrict

1350 Telegram

Today the governor of Shymkent Murat Aitenov saw the work done in Otyrar and "Aikap Turkestan" microdistricts and met with residents.

These microdistricts with a population of about 10 thousand people are fully supplied with electricity, natural gas and drinking water. Only in the microdistrict "Aikap Turkestan" the sewerage system is 50%. The majority of the population in this microdistrict lives in the private sector. 98% of the streets are paved. This year Koktas Street will be illuminated, Zhanagasyr, Koktem and Zaman streets will be illuminated. Locals, who came to meet with the mayor, asked to completely solve the sewer system.

Residents of Otrar microdistrict are concerned about sidewalks, cleanliness, exterior decoration of apartment buildings, elevators, heating system. 33 high-rise buildings have been transferred to a completely new form of management.

The governor of the city explained the importance of creating simple partnerships and housing associations, and stressed the need to take responsibility for repairs, cleaning the yard and the entrance to the house. He instructed the head of the Department of Passenger Transport and Motor Roads to conduct a study of public transport access and construction of sidewalks on Zhanibekov Street and make a proposal. He discussed other issues and said that the necessary measures will be taken.

The press service of Shymkent city

Translated by:NP"Adyrna"