The "poet" grandfather, who attracted the attention of Internet users, has been identified


A video of a   singing grandfather  with a dombyra is spreading online.He is with his grandson by playing with his eyes and a dombyra. The man in the shots is an actor, theater director Beibit Kusanbayev, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to

You can see in the online videos that his grandfather sang the song of Abay"Impatient, rude, lazy" and "Song of Makhambet". The boy listens to him and asks him to tell him more.

People are also impressed by his grandfather's actions and write warm words. "Wonderful father! Long live our grandfathers, is there any greater happiness than playing with his grandson? etc", "- they say.

The man who sang to his grandson is Beibit Kusanbayev, the director of the Halyk Theater of the House of Culture in Aksuat village, Tarbagatai district, East Kazakhstan region, and the director of the Tamshy Children's Theater near the Aksuat House of Culture.

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