At the expense of sponsors, in Dostyk 2 platforms were given to the benefit of the country


This year it is planned to provide an open sports ground for 29 seats in Karatau district. Today, within the framework of the 30th anniversary of Independence, the construction of 2 outdoor sports grounds in Dostyk microdistrict has been completed and put into operation.

The platform was built at the expense of sponsors "Shymkent is a good city". Now children have the opportunity to freely engage in mass sports on the open sports field. The site is equipped with the necessary devices.

It's worth noting that sports grounds are being built in Asar, Akzhayik, Nursat, Azat, Nurtas microdistricts, Sairam, Kainarbulak, Dostyk, Utemis residential areas, Bozaryk park.

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