The soldier, who had returned from the army unconscious, recognized his mother


A soldier from Kyzylorda, who returned to the army in a coma, recognized his mother, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to

19-year-old Renat Zhetkergenov could not recognize his relatives after returning from the army.

Renat's mother Aiganym Izbasarova goes to the Kyzylorda regional mental health center, where her son is being treated. Seeing the mother's plight, the doctors allowed her to see her son.

"Doctors ask Renat: Do you know who this woman is? He asked. He replied, "Yes, this is Aiganym, my mother, she is a teacher." But I didn't have time to talk to my son, and when he said he had a severe headache, the doctors took him away, "said Aiganym Izbasarova.

She plans to refer her son first to Nur-Sultan or to qualified specialists in Almaty. Then the perpetrators will be punished. The mother is not satisfied with the current investigation.

Let us recall that Renat Zhetkergenov served in the 25/744 Navy in Aktau. Eight days before the end of his term, he was sent home on the grounds that he was "slightly ill." Renat's parents, who were waiting for him, saw their sons and held their collars: their clothes were torn, and they wore summer slippers. He did not return to his homeland, but returned as a slave, says his brother. The suspect's relatives took him to the hospital for examination. Doctors said he was hit in the head.

A spokesman for the Defense Ministry denied the allegations. They said that Renat was in good health when he enlisted in the army and that no one in the army had touched him.

However, it is unknown what happened in the barracks. Renat can't explain the situation either. The soldier's relatives want to find the culprits and demand a fair punishment.

National portal "Adyrna"

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