Why are the Vikings chronicled?


According to Fyodor Uspensky, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a doctor of philology, paying close attention to one's ancestors or knowing their ancestry is a value not only for the medieval Vikings, but also for today's Scandinavians, especially Icelanders.

Probably because of the small population, it is clear that most Icelanders today prefer to trace their ancestry and genealogy to the famous Icelandic storyteller and storyteller Egill Skallagrímsson, who lived in the tenth century, or to a certain ancient man. This trend is not a problem in today's Iceland. On the contrary, it is clear that such a tradition is very valuable for Icelandic storytellers and interpreters, as well as for their listeners, and has become the best tool to revive the past and continue it today, and this process is valued by our people.

The genealogy and ancestral genealogy of each citizen was a major priority in Scandinavia, especially in the Middle Ages. It seems that no meeting was complete without stories or genealogies. This is because people come to such gatherings, firstly, to get valuable facts and information from their history and traditions through the characters in the stories and significant events in the unforgettable antiquity, and secondly, to get to know their ancestral genealogy and through such information.

In short, the genealogical network and the genealogy of the people were the mainstay of society at that time. Therefore, storytellers and storytellers tried not to make any mistakes. This is due to the fact that the historical values ​​preserved in the memory of the people are not distorted, and the audience is proud, and the narrators and storytellers, as well as among our Kazakhs, are respected.



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