A pupil died after playing a dangerous game on TikTok

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Фото: Alamy
Фото: Alamy

A dangerous game has appeared on the TikTok network. The 13-year-old girl who played it committed suicide. The national portal "Adyrna" reports that an audio recording that exposes the country has spread on the Internet.

According to Astana TV channel, the author of the video introduces himself as the father of a teenager who died by suicide. Parents were warned and called to check their children's mobile phones.

A 13-year-old girl died by hanging herself from the stairs at home. The teenager's father says that the game on TikTok is to blame. It is said that a new game has appeared on the platform. It has its own conditions. First, the child cuts his hands, then he hangs himself.

"Check your children's phone. I don't know how to live and what to do. All because of the phone," said the father of the deceased girl.

It is said that two other students committed suicide in Taraz on the day the father of the deceased lost his daughter. However, they have already disabled the game on the mobile phone. We contacted Zhambyl regional police department to find out the truth of the report. Officials said the information was untrue.

"The Police Department of Zhambyl region informs that this information is untrue. Since the beginning of this year, there have been no suicides among minors in the region," said Gulsara Mukhtarkulova, press secretary of the regional police department.

It should be noted that the number of victims of the Internet among adolescents in the country has increased 10 times. Last year, more than 100 teenagers became victims of cyberbullying.

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