The hotel in Almaty refused to provide services for Kazakh language speakers.


Deputy Kazybek Isa criticized the hotel for refusing to provide services in the Kazakh language, Adyrna correspondent reported.

According to him, the Rahat Palace Hotel, located in Almaty, said that a citizen who brought foreigners to a hotel could not be served in the state language.

"Even though we have been independent for more than 30 years, there is still no law on the state language. All other countries that gained independence from the Soviet Union have long since adopted the Law on the State Language, which addresses the issue of national honor. From the head of state, we must not insult our mother tongue! We must protect! (Even if It is not necessary for me to go to that hotel )when I go to Almaty, I will definitely go here and talk to this employee (unless the hotel management takes action and fires him) in the state language! ”he said.

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