Kanat Sultanbek, accused of embezzling LRT funds, is at a wedding in New York


Kanat Sultanbek, one of the main suspects in the Astana LRT crime and an internationally wanted man, was caught on video over the weekend at a tumultuous wedding in New York's expensive neighborhood. This was reported by Azattyq Rýhy, the national portal Adyrna reported.

As proof, Kanat Sultanbek's legal wife appeared on social media, "Find out where we are going," and Sholpan Sergeyevna soon began showing an excerpt from the American couple's wedding.

In one of the short videos there is Kanat Sultanbek, who is celebrating a wedding.

"I'm filming you," said Sholpan Sergeyevna, pointing to Sultanbek.

In general, Kanat Sultanbek, who embezzled funds for the construction of Astana-LRT, is in the United States.

The Anti-Corruption Agency later confirmed that Kanat Sultanbek was indeed in the United States. However, despite several attempts by our law enforcement agencies to extradite him to the country, they could not detain Sultanbek. Under U.S. law, a person holding a red ballot cannot be simply detained in the United States unless he or she violates immigration requirements. Moreover, in the absence of a bilateral agreement between Kazakhstan and the United States on the extradition of criminals, the process of apprehending Sultanbek became even more difficult.

National portal "Adyrna"

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