As a result of the construction of a large AGRS in Shymkent, gas was given to remote areas


Today, residents of the village of Asar-2, located near the city of Shymkent, began to receive natural gas. There are already 2,700 houses in this village. More than 10 thousand people live here. Residents who have been burning coal and ash for many years can now benefit from natural gas.

- Last year, an internal gas system was laid and pipes were laid in the village of Asar-2. However, due to the shortage of gas in Shymkent, we could not connect new settlements to the gas supply due to the pressure drop. Recently, №3 automated gas distribution stations were launched in our city. Its capacity is 250 thousand cubic meters per hour. It is one of the largest AGRSs in the country. In this regard, the problem of gas shortage in the city has been fully resolved. Now gas supply to new settlements has begun, - said the head of the energy department of Shymkent Boranbay Bolatbekov.


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