Depression, stress, emotions: 10 tips to get rid of anxiety


Adyrna National Portal shares tips from Dale Carnegie on How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Start Living.

Dale Carnegie is a world-renowned American psychologist, educator and writer. His work on conflict-free communication, the principles of effective communication and oratory is especially commendable.

Emotions, stress, excitement, anxiety. 4 processes that have become an integral part of human life. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who is not depressed and can hide his emotions. Although our daily lives are full of mental stress, destructive moods are becoming the norm.

Iron doors

According to the author, in order to eliminate anxiety, it is necessary to distinguish between the past and the future. Carnegie suggests installing "iron doors" between them. It is necessary to live in the present so as not to regret the past and worry about the future. The main object of regret and despair.

The magic formula

The magic formula of the American inventor Willis Career:

1. "What do I do if the worst thing happens in my life?" Ask a question.

2. Think of a way out.

3. In response to your question, write down three options and choose one.


Anxious people do not live long. If we worry about anything, our health will suffer. Even a bad disease (cancer) that is afraid to be named is caused by excessive anxiety. Anxiety is especially prevalent among businessmen and business people.

"Live less and live more," says Carnegie.

Positive thinking

Our minds are full of negative thoughts. The only way out is to remember your happy moments. The closer we are to the positive, the more we are afraid of the negative.


The main reason for our anxiety is the lack of work to focus on. When a person does nothing during the day, our memory automatically gives way to uncomfortable thoughts. We need to increase our intensity and prevent anxiety.

Change the default

Anxiety is a habit. To get rid of a bad habit, it is enough to replace it with a good one. When you stop worrying about small problems and trifles, it is a sign of a new habit that is developing in you.

Probability theory

Do you know the "law of large numbers"? If you haven't heard, read on the Internet. The law of numbers is a convenient way to solve problems.

Definite solution

If you can't change something, then you have to decide for yourself that this is the way it should be.


To control our anxiety, you need to set a "limiter" that regulates your level of anxiety. The limit is to determine how much to worry about the event. Make it a requirement. Don't worry too much.


People like to pay too much attention to themselves. This is the cure for anxiety. To neutralize it, show more interest in the people around you.

Carnegie's tips are easy to apply. Because you have already remembered these things. Just the right intention.

Zhuldyz Umirzak,

Translated by:national portal "Adyrna"

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