AMIRZHAN KOSANOV: From the theory of "assassinations" or NPP to a confiding country


Recently, the use of electricity in Kazakhstan has risen sharply, and the information that there is a deficit is heard, recorded and heard everywhere.

Whether the miners are to blame or whether there will be an emergency repair at Ekibastuz GRES or something else, the main idea is that we definitely need a nuclear power plant to generate additional electricity. It seems that the problem will not be solved without it.

Personally, I think that such information technology is one of the ways to inculcate in the public consciousness the idea that "we can not do without the construction of nuclear power plants."

Otherwise, I do not believe that so many oil, gas and coal reserves in the subsoil can not provide the economy of only 19 million people!

It is true that yesterday, when the President actually spoke in support of the Russian nuclear power plant, it seemed that our government had already made a promise to the Kremlin ...

National portal "Adyrna"

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