The militants killed more than a hundred civilians


107 bodies were found in two villages in the east of the country after the attack by CODECO militants. 107 bodies were found in two villages in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo following attacks by the Congolese Development Cooperative (CODECO). This was reported by Kivu Security Tracker on Monday, November 22.

 The bodies were found in the villages of Drodro and Largu after the CODECO attacks, as well as in areas around the provinces of Juge and Ituri.

"Most of the dead are civilians," the group said.

 Earlier, a shipwreck on the Congo River killed more than 50 people. Search and rescue operations continue, but hopes of finding survivors are waning.

 It is also reported that an unknown disease has killed 165 children in Africa. An unknown disease in August kills four children a day. The disease affects children under five years.


National portal "Adyrna"

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