Any Kazakh student can study in the United States for free


Aidana August is a Kazakh girl, a finalist of the international program "Flex", who had the opportunity to study for free for one year in an American school.

The 11th grade student of №9 "Zerde" specialized school in Nur-Sultan continues this school year in Idaho, USA.

- Aidana, where did you hear about the Flex program? What are the stages of the competition?

- One of my acquaintances became a finalist of this program in 2019. Honestly, I was very interested to see his American life on social media. Then I started researching Flex and gathering information. Through the Future Leaders Exchange Program, which is fully funded by the US Government, any Kazakhstani can study and receive a scholarship for free in the United States. Competitive selection consists of three stages. This year it was held remotely due to a coronavirus pandemic. We filled out the questionnaire at In the first stage we wrote essays on 3 topics. Each participant was given a few days to complete the task. Stage II is to determine the level of English.

At the last stage, we filled out a questionnaire and interviewed the jury. There was no way to evacuate, as the camera monitored the participants. In a sense, everything was fair. The results of the competition will be announced in May.

Interviewed by: Diana Asan,

National portal "Adyrna"

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