Studying students online will cost the world economy 2 billion $


In the future, the income of students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic may be reduced by 2.9%, according to the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to "".

According to Alexandra Molchanovskaya, Director of ERDO JSC, this is due to the fact that students study online during lockdowns and a lot of information is not available.

"In the future, 85 million jobs will be automated with the help of specialists. This automation process depends on processing, transport and banking services. But it is much more difficult than previous jobs, because it requires other skills from the employee. To become a specialist in general demand, you need to be ready for lifelong learning. You can even get a lifelong education. And some have to change professions. ", - said Alexandra Molchanovskaya.

Further, the director of the center noted that the number of young people in the world and in Kazakhstan is growing.

"In the current crisis, young people face significant challenges in terms of pandemic control measures, adaptation to new formats of education and access to educational resources. The international concept of 'lockdown generation' has emerged. "The World Bank estimates that in the future, the income of students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan will be reduced by about 2.9%, which will lead to a total annual economic loss of $ 1.9 billion," said Alexandra Molchanovskaya.


National portal "Adyrna".

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