36 millions tenge allocated for children's food were stolen


In Shymkent, the Territorial Department of the Financial Monitoring Agency  is doing investigation for 36 millions tenge.  The head and two employees of the Methodological Center of the Department of Education of Turkestan region's executive committee are in suspect, as well as a partner-resident of Shymkent. A criminal case on embezzlement of more than 36 mln. tenge is under investigation, Adyrna correspondent reports citing the press service of the FMA of Kazakhstan.

The funds will be used to feed high school and college students in preparation for national sporting events.

The theft was carried out by forging the hands of athletes in the appropriate register. That is, funds were allocated from the budget, and athletes were not properly trained.

In addition, during the investigation, the defendants tried to bribe the operative officer of the Department of Internal Affairs in the amount of 6 million tenge for a positive decision of the ongoing investigation.

Employees of the Methodological Center may be sentenced to 2 to 7 years in prison.

"Currently, the criminal case is in the prosecutor's office of Shymkent. Other information is not subject to disclosure, "the statement is written.

National portal "Adyrna"

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