88% of those who follow destructive religious movements have had a direct influence from social networks ...


Nowadays, armed struggle is one of the most outdated methods. There is no need to assimilate and propagate other ideologies in order to assimilate them to the citizens. It is even possible to incite someone to death, crime, or terrorism from a distance. Almost all of these negative actions are carried out today with the help of the Internet. At the beginning of the XXI century, the global Internet has become the main platform for information services of extremist and terrorist organizations. For example, the total number of Internet users in the world is 4.54 billions people, while in Kazakhstan - 17.5 millions people. From this we can see that extremist groups have great potential.

In this regard, it is better for parents to monitor your children and check which groups they are registered on social networks. According to psychologists, today social networks provide full access to personal information and interests, which facilitates the process of attracting future adherents of destructive religious movements. Electronic access is a source of modern information. Being able to make the right choice will ensure our safety. The main thing is to look at social networks coolly and competently. It is useful for you to compare each information with official sites and share it with others. We need to be careful not to get too rich in religious information in the information space.


Department of Religious Affairs of Kyzylorda region

Center for the Study of Religious Issues

head of department

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