Explosion in Zhambyl: more than 100 houses need repair


The work of the regional operational headquarters, created in connection with the incident in Baizak district, continues. The press service of Zhambyl oblast executive committee informed, Adyrna correspondent reports.

Members of the staff, together with researchers, surveyed all housing and social facilities in 3 settlements. To date, 118 properties in need of repair have been identified, including 106 residential and 12 commercial facilities. The governor of the region Berdybek Saparbayev told about it in an interview to the media.

Of the 106 houses identified, 35 will be overhauled, and the remaining 71 will be slightly damaged and will be repaired. All works will be funded by the Government and will be funded by the local budget and sponsors in the region.

- If the overhaul of one house starts today, the builders of the other houses will start work tomorrow. We are committed to renovating the whole house within two months. We have enough opportunities and the strength of the builders. As for social facilities, 3 schools were damaged. The worst hit was the school in the village of Zhibek Zholy. The educational institution with 118 children was founded in 1956. It was decided to build a new building to replace the old school. Taking into account the growth of the rural population, we send a proposal to the Government to build a new school for 150 places. The construction site has been identified and the documents will be prepared as soon as possible. Schools in the severely damaged villages of Ushbulak and Bazarbay are being rehabilitated at the expense of sponsors. They will be ready by the first of September. The same medical center will be completely repaired within a week, - said the governor of the region.

According to the head of the region, railways and roads are working normally. All residents have returned home. Residents of Kainar village, whose houses are undergoing major repairs, will be provided with temporary housing and food.
Currently, 28 patients are being treated at the Taraz Central Hospital. 4 of them are in moderate condition. They are receiving all necessary medical care. Their lives are not in danger. There are enough medicines and doctors.
In general, out of 98 people who received medical treatment at various levels, there are no civilians, all of them are military and emergency workers.

The search for the missing is underway. The governor of the region met with their parents and relatives and gave relevant explanations. The search involved military personnel, specialists of the Department of Emergency Situations, cynologists, relevant specialists, service dogs and horsemen. The capabilities of a special drone device are also being used to the full. Currently, 180 people and about 40 vehicles are working.

National portal "Adyrna"

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