Eco-Almaty action



Today, within the framework of the State programs "City without suburbs" and "Zhasyl kala", the State Fund for the Development of Youth Policy of the city of Almaty with the support of the Department of Social Development of the city of Almaty, together with the Department of Ecology and the executive commitee of the Alatau District, held the Action "Eco-Almaty". On the territory of the SC "Almaty Arena" by the forces of the Youth Resource Centers and Leisure Centers of the city of Almaty, an alley of fruit and decorative trees was planted.

This action is aimed at promoting environmental protection, the formation of environmental culture among young people, greening and cleanliness of our city. The idea of ​​planting trees is supported all over Kazakhstan, and every day children from different cities plant their trees, some in their yard, some on the street, and some at work. Today the youth of our city supported this project with great enthusiasm.

The project is simple, clear, positive, and very motivating. The State Fund for the Development of Youth Policy of the City of Almaty With the action "Eco-Almaty" calls on young people and draws the attention of society to the issues of ecology and greening of our metropolis.

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