Awards with medals won't attract anyone

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 "No grants for projects, scholarships and awards with medals will attract anyone to the scientific environment" - administrator of the ADAL BILIM project office Sergey Pen.

         “Without a direct scheme for personalized financing of scientists' salaries, no project grants, scholarships and awards with medals will attract anyone to the scientific community and the academy,” Sergei Pen noted in his Facebook post.

This proposal was previously announced at the meeting of the Working Group of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the project "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on science issues" which took place on October 1. On behalf of the project office "ADAL BILIM", a proposal was made to create a system of direct financing of remuneration of scientists.

         “We propose to introduce a fourth form of funding for science, in addition to the existing three (basic, grant and PTF) - direct financing of scientists' salaries. Its goals are to create continuity of scientific knowledge and systematic reproduction of the results of scientific activity. In our view, direct financing of wages should be made only in relation to scientists whose main place of work is the organization of higher and (or) postgraduate education or a scientific organization, ”added Sergei Pen.

         Objections were voiced by the Ministry of Finance, which complained that at the moment only two forms of budget financing are possible - estimate and state order, and the proposed form does not fit into the built schemes.

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