Aliya Nazarbayeva was suspected of raiding

1837 Telegram

Aliya Nazarbayeva and Valentina Rogova, the wife of the former chairman of the Constitutional Council Igor Rogov, are accused of raiding, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

"In 2003, Aliya Nazarbayeva, using her position, seized an operational enterprise consisting of seven oil bases and 96 gas stations worth 170 million dollars (according to the 2003 report). For the raid, he threatened the previous owners with imprisonment and bodily harm. To make his threats more credible, he publicly kidnapped the father of one of the business owners in the center of Almaty during the day, and according to witnesses, law enforcement officials may have been involved in the kidnapping. "The accomplice of the crime was Valentina Rogova, she is the wife of Igor Ivanovich Rogov, the Chairman of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the assistant to the President," the text of the announcement of the press conference to be held on Wednesday at the National Press Club reads.