Man and sea. A person lost in the ocean for 3 months was found

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A 51-year-old Australian named Tim Shaddock was rescued in the Pacific Ocean, reports "Adyrna" with reference to the local 9 NEWS TV company.

Tim Shaddock spent three months in the open ocean on his ship with his dog. They started from the Mexican port of La Paz on a catamaran in April. He planned to overcome 6000 km across the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia. The passenger took his dog Bella with him.
However, after a few weeks, there was a big storm in the ocean.
the electronics and radio communication on the catamaran were disabled, and the catamaran could not be controlled. They were noticed only 3 months later, on July 6, by those passing by in a helicopter.
For 3 months, Bella and her owner lived by drinking rainwater and eating raw fish caught in the ocean. Those who traveled far had fishing nets.
Now they have been rescued and are on their way back to Mexico. A 51-year-old Australian who decided to travel alone to the sea:
"I passed a very difficult test at sea. All I need is rest and good food. Because I have been alone for a long time. Otherwise, I am in good health," he says.

Doctors announced that the travelers who have been in the ocean for 3 months are now in good condition.