"Talgo" high-speed train was launched along the route Almaty - Zhezkazgan

Adyrna.kz Telegram

"Talgo" high-speed train has set off in the Almaty-Zhezkazgan direction, "Adyrna" reporter reported  with reference to "Khabar 24" channel.

The train covers 1.4 thousand kilometers in 19.5 hours. A typical rail travel time between these cities is more than a day.

"We used to travel with two transfers. The road was always a challenge. Now, of course, it's better. It's fast and convenient," says Shyrinkul Usenbaeva, a resident of Zhezkazgan.

"Wonderful carriages, luxurious. There is a place to charge the phone, air conditioning. There is a restaurant in the carriage. Yes, everything is there," says Gulnar Satybaldina, a resident of Zhezkazgan.

Ticket price - from 9400 tenge. The train consists of 22 cars and has a capacity of 344 passengers. It consists of 18 tourist category cars, two business cars, one grand class car and a car for people with disabilities. If he has a disability document, he can get a 70% discount.