Almaty region sent more than 105 tons of food to Kostanay region

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In the Kostanay region, 43 hectares of forest caught fire, as a result of which houses were burned, people lost their property, and many people were injured. About 1,800 people were evacuated from the settlements.

Today, the situation in the region is very complicated. In this regard, the people of the region are being helped from the south of the country.

Almaty region did not remain silent when the country had a disaster. Being one of the first, Almaty region is supporting the residents of Auliekol district as much as possible.

Today, over 105 tons of food humanitarian aid was sent to Kostanay region.

For several days, the administration of Almaty region, volunteers, young people, businessmen and sympathetic citizens did not stand aside and they sent building materials and personal care products to our compatriots.

According to Yerasyl Tolymbekuly, head of the front office, the of Almaty region is in contact with the institution of Kostanay region and collected humanitarian aid.

"Kazakhstanians are showing their unity in such difficult moments. The President of the country Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev personally met with the families of the victims and said that every family would not be left without the care of our Government. Supporting the people's action to provide assistance to victims in Kostanay region, Almaty region also contributes to the aid. That is, diapers for children - 9 thousand pieces, construction materials - 10 tons, food: sunflower oil, chicken meat - 10 tons, noodles - 3 tons, onions - 7 tons, rice and apples - 5 tons and many more. . In addition, a number of government employees transferred their one-day salary. Currently, two gazelles and four trucks have left the area. "10 volunteers went to help Kostanay region," he said.