There is a new information about the missing girl in Kostanay


The search for a missing five-year-old girl in Kostanay continues. The witnesses who last saw a little girl have been found, the national portal "Adyrna" writes.

According to, police officers have been updating the chronology every minute since the disappearance of the child.

Kairat Bisembin, an employee of the canine service center, said that the girl got out of the window of the second floor of the kitchen at seven in the morning, got down to the sun visor with the help of a gas pipe, and climbed from the sun visor to a tree.

At this time, the neighbor who came to the door, distracted by the noise in the yard, dropped the child from the tree. The man picks up the child and takes him to her apartment. When he was knocking on the door, the girl broke out and ran towards the street.

08:04 - the boy was caught on CCTV and seen by a villager. Then the girl runs towards Kostanay-Vedenka highway;

08:06 - another witness saw the girl from the central street;

08:24 - the child is seen by a tractor driver coming to the village;

08:30 - the girl is seen by a cyclist coming towards the village.

Today, military personnel of the National Guard and border troops joined the search.

"Adyrna" national portal

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