The ex-vice chancellor of the medical university was convicted for taking a bribe


According to the verdict of court No. 2 of "Baikonur" district of Nur-Sultan city, vice-rector of "Astana Medical University" KEJSC M. Dauletyarova was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment with serving time in a medium-security penitentiary.

She is quilty accepting a bribe of 10,000 US dollars from Gritsenko for her general patronage in the delivery of e-books, as well as the intermediary she was found guilty of attempting to pay bribes in the amount of 47,000 US dollars through Kaparov for appointment to the post of rector.

The court sentenced Gritsenko to 3 years of imprisonment, and the mediator Kaparov to 7 years of imprisonment.

The verdict has not yet entered into legal force.


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