TiJi channel has started showing cartoons in Kazakh


The popular channel "TiJi" has started showing cartoons in the Kazakh language. The Minister of Information and Social Development of Kazakhstan, Askar Omarov, informed, Adyrna correspondent reported.

"The project, which began last year, was completed yesterday. TiJi TV channel started broadcasting content in Kazakh. Congratulations! It is now available at the following operators: Alma TV, TV Commerce, Kazakhtelecom, Fermata PRK, Kainar Media (Taldykorgan), Teralain (Nur-Sultan), TTK (Temirtau), ”the Minister said.

It should be noted that TiJi is a channel that broadcasts in 14 languages ​​in 20 countries. It is a safe information space for children from 2 to 7 years old.

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