Channel One fired Maxim Galkin, who opposed the war in Russia


Russia's Channel One has fired Maxim Galkin, host of the anti-war program "Today Evening" in Ukraine. Galkin will be replaced by dancer Nikolai Tskaridze, Adyrna portal reports citing Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

Recently, StarHit wrote that Galkin would be removed from the program for his remarks about the war. According to a confidential source, TV journalist Maria Borzunova said that the termination of the contract with the Russian comedian was directly related to his anti-war statements. The channel did not officially comment.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Maxim Galkin has criticized the actions of the Russian authorities and called for an end to the war. Maxim Galkin and his wife, singer Alla Pugacheva, left Russia during the conflict.

Galkin is not the only federal channel host who has not been seen on air since the start of the war. The first channel also removed the programs of Vladimir Posner and Ivan Urgant. "What? Where? When?" The program was not broadcast live, and according to the publication "We can explain", many young people participating in the game left the project, leaving only one or two people in some teams of six people.

Sergey Brilev's program "News on Saturday" was also not aired on Russia 1. According to official information, he went on a business trip.

National portal "Adyrna"

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