Is Kazakhstan training specialists in accordance with the requirements of the time?


Every graduate dreams of getting a job soon after graduation. Many universities in Kazakhstan do not have direct contact with employers, as a result of which there are many unemployed graduates in the country.

This is the opinion of the provocateur of KAZGUU University Sergei Pen. He also said:

- In general, the training of specialists should meet the needs and requirements of employers. These meetings of the Business Council play an important role in improving the quality of educational programs. With a focus on the practical application of the knowledge and skills acquired by students, the needs of partners and employers will shape the profile of the student and the future skilled and competitive employee.

According to the rating of NCE "Atameken", 45% of employers are dissatisfied with the educational programs in 2021. The employment rate of graduates in 2021 was 77%, which is 71% better in 2020, that is, we see that there is something to strive for, "said Adil Mergenbayev, head of the project office of the ranking of universities of NCE" Atameken ".


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