Karagandy officials unjustifiably assigned themselves 17 millions tenge


Employees of the Department of Internal Policy of Karagandy region and its affiliated "Public Consent" unjustifiably paid themselves a total of 17 million tenge. This conclusion was reached by state auditors based on the results of the audit of consolidated financial statements for 2020, according to the national portal "Adyrna".

According to the commission, the officials used the funds to pay for the monetary incentives aimed at ensuring a stable political situation. Most of them went to the employees of the Department of Internal Policy (13 million tenge), a small part - to the employees of the Public Consent (4 million tenge) and did not take any action.

"Along with other detected violations totaling 45 million tenge, unreasonable rewards negatively affected the achievement of economic and social results from the activities of the Department of Internal Policy of Karagandy region," the document reads. It was signed by Aigul Kutzhanova, a member of the Audit Commission of Karaganda region.

According to the results of the inspection, 17 millions tenge were returned to the local budget, materials were submitted to the authorities to consider the issue of bringing officials to administrative responsibility.

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