"Khamenova's case": There is a new information about the dispute over the monument


A monument worth 145 million tenge is to be unveiled in Atyrau today. The project Protenge, which writes about the expenditure of budget funds, has published a new information about the dispute over the monument, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to qamshy.kz.

According to the project, a similar monument was done in Pavlodar two years ago. The monument was done by Balkhytu LLP, the contractor named in the dispute in Atyrau. However, this time the cost of the project was estimated to be almost three times cheaper - 55 million tenge. The estimated cost of the monument in Atyrau is 145 million tenge.

The height of the bronze monument is 11 meters (pedestal - 5.75 meters), weight - 5 tons.

On December 10, Deputy mayor of Atyrau region Bakytgul Khamenova and the head of the regional department of culture Akylbek Ryskaliyev were detained on suspicion of receiving a bribe of 4.5 million tenge for concluding a public procurement contract for the installation of a monument to Abay.

Khamenova was placed under house arrest on December 12, but was remanded in custody for two months on December 22.

If convicted, Khamenova faces up to seven to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property.

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